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Report Services Announcement

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Introduction describing the contents of Report Services Pages and explaining the rationale (the "Why") of Report Services.


Downloadable Fact Finders, Sample Reports and Order-Form/Invoices for Report Services, individually and as zipped collections.


Announcement of and general information about the nature of Report Services, the reasons to use it, and suggestions on how to combine the service with ownership of MasterPlan.


Step by step instructions on how to use Report Services.

What Is Report Services—The Master Planners' Back Office?

Report Services is the newest addition to MasterPlan Financial Software's line of products and services, joining "MasterPlan: The Analyst" (a financial planning software program) and the "MasterPlan Service Contract."

Report Services is a data entry and report preparation service. It delivers regular, graphic, and combined reports as Microsoft Word files. You, the financial advisor, can further edit the reports in whatever way you wish—such as adding comments or deleting paragraphs or graphs.

Who Is Report Services For?

Report Services is available to MasterPlan users and non users alike.

All of MasterPlan Financial Software's products and services are exclusively for the use of financial professionals. Our clients are financial advisors who provide financial advice to their clients.

MasterPlan can record, analyze, and create presentations of the current and projected states of their clients' financial situations from now to life expectancy. You can own the product and use it, or, under your professional supervision, we can use it for you to achieve these results. Of course we have no contact with your clients. We can do some plans and you can do others, or we can do all of them for you.

Is Report Services a Replacement for a MasterPlan Service Contract?

No. It is quite distinct from our Service Contract. The Service Contract includes technical support over the phone, by email, and/or by web conference for your direct use of MasterPlan: The Analyst. The Service Contract also includes all product enhancements occurring during its term, changes to accommodate new tax law, annual tax table changes, and unlimited phone support.

Is Report Services a Replacement for the Purchase of MasterPlan?

No. Our clients may choose to just use Report Services; they may buy and use MasterPlan without using Report Services; or they may both use MasterPlan directly and use Report Services as desired.

Some Report Services users may even choose to buy a copy of MasterPlan so they can make minor edits to avoid incurring extra charges if they would exceed the rerun limit where applicable. Or they may want to familiarize themselves with the capabilities of the package more fully. They may also wish to use MasterPlan as a tool to interact with our staff as part of the report preparation process.

Reasons to Use Report Services

The reasons to use this service are several:

  • If you are not a purchaser or user of MasterPlan, you will employ us to make use of it on your behalf.

  • Even if you own and use another financial planning product, you may still need to produce reports or do analyses that another program simply cannot accomplish. MasterPlan Report Services to the rescue!

  • If you are a user, you may use it to accommodate overflow situations where your existing staff is not going to be able to service all that wonderful demand for your services you are currently experiencing, without having to hire temporary help or take the risk of increasing permanent staff.

  • As a temporary measure while you search for suitable in-house staff to perform the same tasks even before you acquire MasterPlan for in-house use or while engaging in staff expansion.

  • If you are a user, you may opt for a mixed mode of personal MasterPlan use and the use of our services to enter the data, run and rerun the reports, and customize them to specification on an occasional or consistent basis.

Available Reports, Available Graphs, Fact Finders, and Order Forms/Invoices

To get examples of the types of reports and graphs MasterPlan can produce for you as a user of the program or as a consumer of Report Services, to access the Fact Finders which you may print and hand out to your clients to collect their financial data, and to access order forms/invoices for Report Services, click on the following link: Report Services Downloads

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