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Welcome to the MasterPlan Brochure

Welcome to to the Power of MasterPlan

Who is MasterPlan For?

MasterPlan is a comprehensive, innovative, personal financial planning package designed to help youthe professional plannerautomate, refine, and extend your practice.

If you choose to expand your services or desire to make existing ones more efficient, MasterPlan will make your practice yield more from its current clientele. By allowing you to offer new and improved services and providing assistance in promotional activities, MasterPlan will help you attract new clients of the best sortknowledgeable persons of means who can appreciate the increased sophistication of your practice.

How to Read This Brochure

This electronic brochure uses the Internet Explorer 4.0 or above as a "viewer." If you have trouble viewing its contents, please call us at (800) 229-5080 so that we can assist you and correct the problem.

As soon as you launched the brochure, you may have noticed that the screen is divided into two window panes. You can access the Table of Contents and Index from the left-hand pane. You may resize the pane to make one window smaller and the other larger. You can even hide the left-hand side completely by clicking on the Hide icon at the top of the window. To include the left-hand side again, click on the Show icon that replaced the Hide icon. You can print a topic and click on the Options icon to perform other actions listed there.

Screen to Change ResolutionHow much you can view at a time depends on the resolution of your screen. The brochure will resize itself to fit the parameters on your screen. If the resolution is very low, then you will need to use the scroll bars a lot. We recommend a resolution of at least 800 by 600 pixels, but many people prefer 1024 by 768. If your display screen is smaller than 15 inches or the resolution is very low, then parts of the text may overlap the graphics.

To change the resolution, click on Start | Programs | Control Panel | Display and click on the Settings Tab. Slide the pointer in the Screen Area to the left or right to reset the resolution and click on OK. Windows will resize the icons and resolution, if it can.

You can navigate through the brochure by clicking on the topics that interest you on the left-hand pane. Or you can check out the index.

To see the entire Table of Contents on the left-hand side, double-click on each of the books as they are listed there. You also can click on the Index Tab which is next to the Contents Tab. This allows you to search through the brochure on key words.

Note: This brochure is written in a language called HTML. If you see a Forward button at the top of the screen, it probably will not work properly. This is not our fault, and the authors of the language are correcting this problem for the next release of the language.

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To view a topic included in that "book," click on the topic in the Table of Contents. We have also included an image of a hand pointing to the right. If you want to move from topic to topic without using the Table of Contents, just click on the hand.


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