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While you evaluate MasterPlan, you are a Temporary Client with access to supportand all of our web features.

To help you to better evaluate MasterPlan we can arrange a Web Conference.

Get the real thing. Then call for a walk-through. Talk a person who really knows how to apply MasterPlan to the problems that professionals face every day. This not only provides an excellent overview of the capabilities of MasterPlan, but demonstrates how to use the program, answers your particular questions and concerns, and is a sample of our excellent service.

What Do I Get? A CD-ROM containing (1) the program and sample data and (2) sales literature through the mail. OR An email containing download links plus sales literature through the mail.

Can I Enter a New Client? Can I Print Reports? Yes, and we also provide sample client data for you to play with. Moreover, you can produce any of our standard outputs with the demo.

What Are the Limits? 30 uses or approximately 45 days, whichever comes first. Please note it is a single user version, not a network version. If the demo should expire before you have had adequate time to evaluate it, we can renew it over the phone.

Can I Get Support? Yes, we treat you very much like a customer while you are evaluating our product and service. Call if you have any difficulty or questions.

Who Do I Have To Be To Get a Demo? Anyone who is a potential user, reviewer, dealer, or a student getting a financial degree or certification. (Individual investors and others only by special permission.)

Do I Have To Be a Business? Generally, yes, and in the business of providing all or part of a financial plan to your clients. We understand that some financial professionals do business under their own name or even from their homes. Please indicate if that is the case; otherwise, indicate your business affiliation. If you are leaving to establish your own business and are investigating software to support that activity, we understand and will take care not to embarrass you. We don't generally provide MasterPlan demos to individual investors or, of course, to the competition. If you are a consultant, please call. We treat such situations on a case-by-case basis. If you are assisting someone else, please indicate who that is in the appropriate field.

After submitting this form, a confirmation page will appear to verify your request. You also will be sent a confirming email !

Please enter a good contact number so we can find out whether you wish a CD-ROM or an email containing download links!

Information you provide will be kept confidential. This information helps us to serve you better, helps us with market research, and to evaluate our website and advertising.

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