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About MasterPlan

Design & Development

In 1984, Larry Newman, a well-known and highly successful planner in Northern California, set out to develop a comprehensive financial planning program. Known by many for his radio show in the early 80's, Mr. Newman set out to create a tool that would satisfy his clients–from those just starting out in their adult life to the millionaires who needed to investigate ways to lower their taxes. He demanded that the system have a powerful what-if capability, so he could properly analyze the effects of repositioning the assets of his high-income clients.

First released to local planners in January of 1985, MasterPlan was the fastest, most powerful, most analytical, and most accurate of all the financial planning tools available. Development has continued over the years, keeping pace with changes in technology and tax laws, and incorporating suggestions by the many knowledgeable users of the program, the programming staff, and our Board of Advisors, which includes professionals from all disciplines of the financial planning industry.

In 1989, Mr. Newman returned to full-time planning, leaving MasterPlan in the hands of Mark and Mary Robinson. Read on below to find out about the experience the Robinsons brought with them to MasterPlan. They have used their expertise to continuously improve the MasterPlan program, while maintaining the company's reputation for outstanding, personalized customer service.

The Company Owners

Mark Robinson started working in the computer industry in 1970 as a computer programmer. His wife Mary joined him in 1973. In 1976, together they founded Mark I Consultants and began working as a husband-and-wife team writing manuals and consulting on computer program design.

The Robinsons were involved in the early personal computing movement in the 1970s, attending the Home Brew Computer Club and even touring Apple's first assembly facility (Wozniak's bureau, not the garage as is popularly supposed!). They recall flipping switches and using paper tape to load programs on Altair and Imsai computers.

Mark and Mary Robinson became the owners of MasterPlan Financial Software in 1989. Since then they have become very familiar with the financial industry. Over the years, the Robinsons have designed, written, tested, maintained, installed, supported, evaluated, sold, taught, and documented software and hardware. Their experience includes system software programming in assembler for Burroughs, NCR, Varian, Sperry-Univac, and Litton Mellonics, as well as financial application programming in higher languages. For Hewlett-Packard, they documented a programmer's tool that accessed a Host computer from PCs. The breadth of their experience in the computer industry has served them well indeed in guiding a computer software manufacturing firm.




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