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Web Conferences

What is a Web Conference?

A web conference is a meeting of more than one person held at the same time but in different physical locations using tools provided by the web. These tools allow the participants to view each other's screens. Although we can use web telephone facilities, we normally converse using a regular telephone line.

If you have a high-bandwidth connection to the web (such as through DSL, Cable, Wireless, or T1 lines), then we can set up a “web conference.” We can schedule them ahead of time, or we can generate “quick meeting” while talking on the phone.

What Are We Using Them For?

  1. Support: Ever wanted to have a support person looking over your shoulder? Now you can.
  2. Sales Demos: Ever wanted someone to show you just the parts of the program you were interested in, instead of having to sit through a "canned" presentation geared to someone who doesn't exist?
  3. One-on-One Web Tutorials: Ever yelled, "What's the matter with this screen! I don't know what to do next! Must be the stupid program!" Now someone can talk you through step-by-step (and even tell you if you are moving the mouse in the wrong direction).
We will even be able to do seminars in the future with multiple attendees—all in the comfort of their own office with their own coffee brewed to the strength they prefer.

What Can You Do With Web Conferences?

  1. See the “presenter's” screen (anyone can be the “presenter”). In fact, presenters can switch back and forth.
  2. Control applications or the desktop across the Web (with permission of course!)

Support Usage

It certainly helps when you can see what the other person sees! Describing screens can be as challenging as describing an elephant when you are blind! Web conferences produce results in a hurry. You don't have to e-mail your database to someone else. Set up a web conference and show people the problem and the solution .

Sales Demos

This is like having a personal visit without the expense and hassle. Save those reward miles for vacations. We can do a personal demonstration of the software or look over your shoulder as you work with sample or real data, do worksheets and reports, or anything the software can do!

We can answer questions as they come up in a give and take mode.

AND if there are several people attending the demonstration, they can sit at their own computers and participate and not lean over someone’s shoulders.

What Does it Take?

You must have an Internet connection. For practical use you need a high-bandwidth connection like DSL, Cable, T1, T3 . If you have a broadband wireless service like T-mobile , you can even attend while at Starbucks or Borders.

How Does It Work?

It’s not just a web conference. It can be coordinated with a phone conference or you can have a phone conference that is arranged independently of the web conference facility. Or you can have just a web conference.

For a scheduled meeting:

          • First we send you an invitation by e-mail.
          • Then you click on the link in the e-mail.

The e-mail tells you if you should start out by joining as a "presenter" or as a "participant." It also will give you passwords, if any are required.

          • The conferencing tool checks to make sure that your computer is set up, and the conference begins.

For an impromptu meeting:

          • While we are talking on the phone, we set the meeting up and start it.
          • We tell you to open your web browser and give you the address to type into the Address Line.

We tell you what to click on, and soon you are a web "conferencee"!

          • The conferencing tool checks to make sure that your computer is set up, and the conference begins.

Try it! You'll Like It!

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