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Designed By Professionals for Professionals

In the Thick of the Design ProcessMasterPlanT for Windows was created by highly competent, experienced, and successful planners, accountants, and tax consultants.

Together they designed a superlative planning package providing accurate, sophisticated, and practical calculations for either stand-alone or comprehensive planning.

Highly focused development continues today, guided by an advisory board of distinguished professionals from diverse backgrounds in the financial industry. Coupled with feedback from all our loyal and enthusiastic users, this makes MasterPlan's design eminently practical and responsive.

What Does MasterPlan for WindowsT Include?

Here are just some of the features included in MasterPlan:

  • Powerful Financial Modeling

  • One-Time Data Entry and Integrated Calculations

  • Intuitive User Interface with Resizable Windows, Shortcut Menus, Toolbars, Click and Drag

  • Flexible What-If Capabilities (Buys, Sells, Refinances)

  • Unlimited Number of User-Defined and Pre-Defined Assets and Liabilities

  • Lifetime Planning Horizon

  • Print Reports using MasterPlan's report writer or export reports to Microsoft Word

  • Enhanced Windows Features such as Drop-Down Calendars and Lists

  • Reminders Window

  • Amortization and Present/Future Value Calculator

  • Scalable Database Technology

  • Customizable 3-D Graphs with a host of colors (even user-defined)

  • Predefined and User-Definable Reports

  • Mailing labels


MasterPlan for DOS was first released in January of 1985 and has built up a band of loyal, enthusiastic users.

Our exciting new Windows version delivers all the powerful analytic tools of the original DOS MasterPlan in a fully-featured Windows application. The database has been redesigned and expanded for ease of use, high performance, and expandability as the financial industry and technology evolve.

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