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Report Services Introduction

Description of Report Services Pages

Report Services has several pages:

  • This page which explains the contents of the various Report Services pages and why we created this service

  • A Downloads page containing all the resources you will need to utilize Report Services

  • An Announcements page which explains the nature of the facility, who uses it, why it's not a replacement for previous products and services, why it can be used with them or independently of them, and reasons you might wish to use it

  • Detailed Instructions for the use of Report Services

Report Services Menu

Menu Item

Menu Item Contents Description


Introduction describing the contents of Report Services Pages and explaining the rationale (the "Why") of Report Services.


Downloadable Fact Finders, Sample Reports and Order-Form/Invoices for Report Services, individually and as zipped collections.


Announcement of and general information about the nature of Report Services, the reasons to use it, and suggestions on how to combine the service with ownership of MasterPlan.


Step by step instructions on how to use Report Services.

Why MasterPlan Financial Software Created Report Services

Over the years we have noticed that users of MasterPlan find our product vital to providing the complete range of services that their clients expect of them and that they wish to provide, which no other planning software does as well—or even at all!

Even so, as a result of some of our clients' episodic use of MasterPlan, some get rusty in its use—despite the fact that the program is well documented on screen, in a reference manual, and in two tutorial manuals. Our users are well-trained initially, but using such a powerful and flexible facility again after an interval may require a bit of a refresher.

Also we have noticed that personnel transitions—such as the loss of employees and the hiring of new ones—cause expense to our clients and also, no doubt, involve some delay in our clients' provision of services to their clients.

We further realize that temporary fluctuations in demands for financial plans might occasion a need for Report Services. Employee sickness or vacation might also make a temporary use of Report Services appropriate.

For the foregoing reasons and others, we have created Report Services as a new service complementary to our software product, "MasterPlan: The Analyst," and to our service, the "MasterPlan Support Contract."

Even as some MasterPlan users will find reasons to use Report Services once in a while, others will do so consistently. For instance a planner might always prefer to use Report Services for certain types of reports, such as those involving asset models or complex tax planning.

We have also realized that not only can existing clients use this new service, but that it can be an incentive for prospective MasterPlan users to purchase MasterPlan. They may, for instance, use Report Services at the beginning to train staff and to gauge which reports best serve their clients.

We have also discovered that planners using other financial planning software packages want to give their clients reports that the other packages cannot produce, such as the real estate or business valuation reports. Now they can turn to Report Services to solve this dilemma.

Planners may decide to let MasterPlan Report Services function as their paraplanner. In that event, they would not have to be users or owners of MasterPlan, but would only collect the data from clients and function in a supervisory mode to our staff. This would enable them to never hire in-house staff to perform such functions as entering data, running and rerunning reports, or customizing them with graphs dropped into documents at appropriate points.

Report Services users not initially users of "MasterPlan: The Analyst" might later purchase the program to enable in-house fine tuning. Also, being able to run the program for themselves could be a means of improving collaboration and control of work flow.

In this present economy, businesses, more than ever, need to consider the simplicity and flexibility of using contractors in lieu of employees to avoid many of the bad effects of government over-regulation and mal-regulation. Already some of our clients have used contractors to produce MasterPlan reports.

It may seem strange to mention business expansion in these present circumstances, but, for some, it is the logical course of action. You may also wish to add new services, even as we are doing with Report Services. The advantages of specialization and employing the most expert practitioners of any art, science, or trade are well-known.

Our support and training staff are quite proficient at using our own program—an obvious point—but one well-worth pointing out! Not only are our services the most expert possible in this area, but we are well-prepared for the popular success of this new service, having laid plans to double, triple, and even quadruple our workforce in short order. We can take much of the risk out of fluctuations in your clients' demands for your services.

There may be more reasons and modes in which to use Report Services. We look forward to hearing such ideas from you whether you are a prospective or current MasterPlan Financial Software client!

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