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Planning Power

What If You Need to Provide for an Unusual Transaction or Event? TOP
With MasterPlan you can easily, quickly, and accurately model any of your clients’ present or future financial transactions. From staged pay-in limited partnerships to complicated business transactions, you'll be able to expertly evaluate all the financial effects of unusual or complex transactions using a model you design specifically to meet the needs of your clients. In addition, you can keep a library of these models for future use with other clients.

MasterPlan can treat almost any asset as a retirement asset. You can tell it to liquidate an asset at retirement, to stop ongoing contributions to the asset, and to stop reinvesting income from the asset—or not to take any or all of these actions.

Add this modeling facility to our capabilities such as our what-if scenarios and tax calculations, and you will see why MasterPlan is the most powerful and flexible planning package on the market.

MasterPlan Has Raised What-If Calculations to an Art Form TOP
You can design buys, sells, and refinances for any number of assets or float new loans in virtually any month in any year and in any combination you wish—and all without actually affecting your clients' present situation.

For example, in your what-if scenario you may sell stocks in a client's portfolio, refinance loans, and buy new investments. MasterPlan will automatically net all capital gains and losses, carry the loss forward (if appropriate), and reflect all changes on the client's Balance Sheet and Income Statement. MasterPlan will evaluate the total strategy for its combined effect on your client’s income taxes, cash flow, and net worth into the distant future.

When You Develop a Financial Plan For a Client, You Don't Project Out Just 3 or 5 Years, You Project Until Retirement and Frequently All the Way to Life Expectancy TOP
With MasterPlan, all income, income tax, cash flow, retirement plan, and balance sheet calculations are done to a client's life expectancy–up to 99 years from now. Even though everybody's crystal ball is cloudy after a few years, this feature will keep you from missing the different consequences of taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-exempt income. You can evaluate the "Total Picture" with investments that have significant impacts beyond the projection limitations of other financial planning software programs. MasterPlan allows you to contrast the long term results of different strategies and put comparisons of assets with different tax treatments on an equal basis.

You can help your clients save or make money by timely notification of dangers and opportunities. You can sort by up to 10 fields, such as birthdays, assets, or liabilities. From there, print a phone list, or use mail merge to produce labels or letters.

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