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Three Ways MasterPlan Imports and/or Updates Client Data Using the Internet.

MasterPlan Can Update Security Prices from the NASDAQ and the YAHOO Finance Sites and/or Import and Update Client Data and Holdings from the Albridge Web Services Site


If you just want to update the security prices from the NASDAQ site or from the YAHOO finance site, you can download, install, and run the programs from the link to our web site within the body of this email.

These two programs access and update only the Common Pool of MasterPlan using the DOW Ticker Symbol. These two programs do not download all the available securities into your database; they will only download the prices for those securities in your Common Pool that have a valid DOW ticker symbol in the DOW field on the Common Pool Tab. They will update the Common Pool telling you if the new price is UP or DOWN or the SAME compared to the previous price in your MasterPlan Database. They will also list the source of the price on the Common Pool Tab.

These programs create very helpful log files which you can immediately access with Excel or Word and spot the trends of your favorite securities and/or money market funds. The Yahoo update program updates the dividend, if that information is available for that security.

Albridge Solution
Albridge Web Services

Albridge Solutions provides the essential components for wealth management platforms to enable the delivery of an accurate, single view of all of an investor's assets. Albridge's wealth management technology consolidates and reconciles client account information from hundreds of data sources that represent banking, brokerage, insurance, retirement, managed accounts and more. More than 150 financial institutions and 100,000 financial advisors rely on Albridge to provide holistic financial planning and asset reporting to millions of investors.

Many of our users are affiliated with broker/dealers that allow them access to their client data on the Albridge Web Services Site. The program that we have provided to do this allows you to import client and holding data from the Albridge Web Site into your MasterPlan database. This program lets you import one or more clients and their data. The Update section in the program will also update data such as the prices and number of shares and tell you if there is new or deleted information from the Albridge Web Services site.


SAFETY IS OUR FIRST CONSIDERATION: Since we know that connections can be broken and/or corrupted during downloads, we have taken a VERY SAFE approach. Before these programs download ANY information, they back up (make a copy of) your current MasterPlan Database and tell you where the backup is. As each program finishes, it asks you if you want to import the changes or revert to the previous database. Even if you import the changes making them final, you can still restore the old database, because we do not delete it from your hard drive.

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